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We're opening a member-owned cooperative grocery store in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. Our mission is to provide healthy, quality food, products and services to our members and the community.

KCFC is building the membership and raising the funds necessary to open a grocery store. The scope, scale, and future of the project will be determined by how we can best serve our membership.


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KCFC Announces New Board of Directors and Officers

The results are in!...

Meet the 2018 Board Candidates

Now is the time to vote for your board! As an owner, you have the opportunity and responsibility to vote for our Board of Directors, an important governing body of the Co-op. KCFC Board Elections - 2018Voting in the election for the Board of Directors is one way to effect......

Your Co-op Wants You!

Run for the KCFC Board of Directors!Each June, we the KCFC member-owners vote for a group of our peers to serve on the Co-op's Board of Directors. Now is the time for YOU to throw your hat in the ring....
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