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We're opening a member-owned cooperative grocery store in the Kensington area of Philadelphia. Our mission is to provide healthy, quality food, products and services to our members and the community.

KCFC is building the membership and raising the funds necessary to open a grocery store. The scope, scale, and future of the project will be determined by how we can best serve our membership.


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March Letter from the GM

Hey everybody, it’s Mike, your GM. As promised, we are continuing our efforts to be more transparent and keep everyone up to date what’s been happening with KCFC. My goal is to help member-owners better understand what’s going on behind the scenes, both with construction and other operational decisions that......

Not getting caught in the small store trap

A question we often get is, "Couldn't the Co-op have opened sooner if you went with a smaller space?"...

Letter From the GM

Hello all, it’s Mike, the GM at your co-op. I want to start the new year by letting you know that the KCFC Board and I are committed to transparency in our endeavors to get the store opened. With that in mind, I’ll be sending out a letter to keep......
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