60 in 60 Campaign

Last month at our fall General Membership Meeting, we announced some big news – KCFC is in negotiations for the future home of our co-op grocery store! 


We believe this is a great building for the store in terms of available parking, size, ease of access, location, and several other features. And a recent market study, conducted by a professional expert, supports our confidence in the site.

We really wish we could share the address of this potential site, but we can’t until the negotiation is finalized. Please know that we are honing in on a site in the 19125 zip code, and when the time is right we’ll shout the good news from the rooftops!


More than ever before, KCFC needs to rally together and recruit more people to become members.

Today, we are launching the KCFC 60 in 60 Campaign. We can do this!

For the next 60 days, we aim to recruit at least 60 new members. By adding one member-owner a day to our ranks, we’ll reach and blow by the 400 mark by December 1. This will put us on our way toward the Big Milestone of 750 members, which represents the community support and the capital we want to have by the time of our grand store opening.


There’s no doubt that we will reach our goal of 60 new members in 60 days because we are a community that cares deeply about opening a grocery store here in the Kensington area. Think about the people in your network who should be in at the ground level. Who among them have been waiting for the right time or the right opportunity to invest? We can’t stress it enough – now’s the time that we need new members most. Please support KCFC by asking the people you know to become members.

Some people have gotten a head start by taking my challenge to each recruit at least three members during the first 30-day leg of this campaign, and it’s working! Who in the Kensington area have you been waiting to ask to become a KCFC member? If you know people who work in the neighborhood, ask them too! Now’s the time.

We are here to provide encouragement and support as you work to recruit the people you know. There are ample opportunities where KCFC ambassadors are ready to answer your questions, be a presence in the community, and welcome new members.

Also, we have four committees who would love for you to volunteer at an event or join a committee.

Let’s keep all eyes on that carrot and keep growing that member mark up the stalk!


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