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Kensington Community Food Co-op will sustain a thriving, healthy community and environment, a vibrant cooperative economy, an active and engaged membership and a community educated in social, economic and food justice.   — KCFC Ends Statement



Wouldn’t it be great….

Imagine living just minutes away from your favorite grocery store. Whether you’re on foot, bike, car, bus, or train, the Kensington Community Food Co-op will be an easy trip for you! Located at the intersection of Coral Street and Frankford and Lehigh Avenues, our store is attracting all sorts of exciting attention, even before we begin renovations. Soon, you will have a grocery store in your neighborhood that you can trust to have your best interests in mind.  It will be great!  

Wow, what a start!

A handful of your neighbors, people not much different than you, came together in 2008 with the mission to open a member-owned cooperative grocery store in the Kensington area. Help us make this dream a reality! We began with a humble outreach campaign, developed a mission statement, researched suitable membership structures, drafted our bylaws, launched our market place tables, recruited initial members and volunteers, completed a feasibility study, appointed a board and incorporated all in the span of 2 years!

We have been growing steadily in our member-owners, our activities and events, Shop Local Partners (see below), and Marketplace (2011-2016). Every step in this process is a big one, and we appreciate all the help and support of our community, our member-owners, and our volunteers. We support and are supported by many supporters in the co-op world and right here in the Kensington neighborhood. 

Looking ahead

In spring of 2014 we announced the location of our store (2666-2672 Coral Street, 19125), and in 2015, began work with an architect and store designer. What are we still waiting for? Funding! Our member-owner numbers are growing steadily higher, and we are accepting member-loans, which will be paid back with interest.

With a strong foundation laid and a team formed to keep recruiting members, we are now working toward raising enough funds through member investments, donations, grants and loans to purchase equipment, finance construction and hire a general manager. Once our funds are secured, we can dive in!

Local Ownership Means a More Secure Future

Since KCFC is owned and operated by its members, it's their needs that the Co-op cares about most, rather than the needs of corporate investors whose interests are often strictly the bottom line. Become a member of KCFC and your bottom line becomes our bottom line. Invest in your community today!

Shop Local Partners

Until our store is open, there are a few tangible benefits for KCFC member-owners. One of them is our community supported Shop Local program. Because we are supporting (and supported by) our community, participating local businesses offer a discount or deal to KCFC members, and in return, we promote their businesses. Look for our KCFC Shop Local decals on business windows, or check out our list of SLs here.

Simply show your KCFC membership card at participating businesses to receive a discount.

Do you or someone you know own a local business? Want to become a Shop Local partner? It's easy! Read more


Many hands make light work. Volunteers are always needed! Volunteers are granted 10% off Marketplace purchases, but more importantly, volunteers are involved in a deeply enriching community effort that not only is bringing affordable, local food to the community, but is bringing the community together as teammates and coworkers. Be a part of our team! Make a difference in the future of our neighborhood. Sign up to volunteer here.

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