Communal Kitchen: Acai Breakfast Bowl

Bringing some Hawaiian flavor to the City of Brotherly Love! 


I missed last month's Marketplace. This made me sad because we finally got to switch from our steady apple, onion, and potato diet, to lovely spring produce like asparagus and spinach. I find the first asparagus of the season tastes like a little bit of heaven because it brings with it the hopes of sunshine and barbecues.

Realistically, I could only be but so sad... as the Grocery Operations Team was gearing up for Marketplace, I was in a far away land called Hawaii, enjoying a late brunch with this view.  No complaining allowed!


Now that we've been back a few weeks, we've been trying to incorporate some of our favorite meals from Oahu into our Philadelphia diet. Of course there are limitations, we don't have coconut or papaya trees in our backyard, but I couldn't stop thinking of my favorite Hawaiian breakfast! Heavenly in Waikiki, was our favorite brunch spot out of the bunch. Their menu cover was pretty neat's really nice to know where your food comes from.


Acai (pronounces ah-sigh-ee) is a Brazilian berry touted for its high antioxidant powers and potential health benefits. It's quite delicious in a dish the Hawiians call an acai bowl, which is essentially healthy ice cream for breakfast! 

A quick trip to Whole Foods got us hooked up with all the necessary ingredients, and a few minutes of chopping and blending yielded this beautiful breakfast for two.


Ingredients (recipe yields one acai bowl)

-          1 pack unsweetened acai berry pulp (try the Sambazon brand smoothie packs from Whole Foods)

-          1 banana (half for the puree and half for the topping)

-          1 cup frozen berries (we used blueberries for this one)

-          ¼ cup of milk

-          ½ cup granola

-          ¼ cup mango

-          ¼ cup diced pineapple

-          ¼ cup berries

-          ¼ cup coconut flakes


Chill your bowl in the freezer while you’re preparing the recipe (since this is a frozen base, it’ll keep it from melting while you take out your camera and grab the perfect picture to share with your friends)

Chop all fruit you plan on using for the topping and set aside.

Run the Acai packet under a bit of water to loosen it from the wrapping and put it in the blender.  


Add half of the banana, frozen berries, and milk.

Blend until it is a smooth consistency, and pour into your bowl.  Pause here to admire the amazingly vibrant color.


Top with granola, coconut, and chopped fruit (we used a mix of fresh and frozen, but fresh is better if you have it on hand.

Serve immediately and enjoy!




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