An Update on the Search Committee

From the moment we began planning to establish a co-op grocery store in Kensington, we’ve relied on the experience and talent of our members. For our next monumental task—identifying a commercial real estate property for our future store—we’re once again turning to the professionals in our own ranks.









A diverse contingent of KCFC members—people in retail, business planning, commercial real estate, construction, architecture, and design—received the call in March that we’re forming a Planning Committee. Specifically, we asked for a group with the right breadth of experience to investigate real estate properties. We didn’t mind taking a moment to celebrate the launch of this new phase, which had been contingent on reaching the milestone of recruiting 225 co-op members, which happened in March.


Evaluating potential locations requires a good deal of collective wisdom, so we have begun by asking volunteers to share knowledge with the group. In early May, the Planning Committee met with Jeff Carpineta who gave an overview on commercial real estate, as well as David Quadrini who gave an overview co-op grocery store design process. Both of these guys have invaluable experience in these fields through work they have done right here in the city and in the neighborhood.

Preparation is everything, and the site search committee has begun a learning process that will help the group as a whole begin looking with the right eyes. The next meeting has been organized as a design charrette as a way to begin exploring our dreams and goals for a store space. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting process unfolds!

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