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There are many, many benefits of being a KCFC member. Here are just a few:

  • Join and you own the place! – Member-Owners have an equal ownership in the Co-op with other invested member-owners.
  • Democratic governance – Each Member-Owner has a say in how the Co-op is governed NOW. Member-Owners elect the Board and you can even serve as a board member.
  • Sustainable Investment – Member-owners experience the satisfaction of investing in a business that supports local business, local farmers, organic production, fair trade, human cooperation, and healthy living.
  • Discounts at local businesses through our Shop Local Program.
  • A say in the food we will sell. By joining early, you get to influence the products we sell when we set up shop. We work to serve the needs of our member-owners!
  • The privilege of participation. Member-Owners are welcomed and encouraged to Get Involved.  Our committees need more members and volunteer opportunities are available to all members-owners and non-members alike. 
  • A substantial role in the KCFC mission. Just by joining, you help get this store open sooner rather than later!
  • Being a part of something bigger. Being a part of something bigger. Cooperators are part of an exciting worldwide cooperative movement! (Read more about our friends and partners here.


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