Communal Kitchen: Sweet Date and Nut Energy Balls.

Sweet, crunchy and just plain good!

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September First Friday Fracas

On September 5th KCFC's Membership Committee setup a member recruitment and info table at New Kensington Community Development Corporation's FirstFriday Fracas. 

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KCFC Mural

Some KCFC members stepped up to beautify our building!

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Shop Local Focus: Philly Pet Health Center

Interview with Mike of Philly Pet Health Veterinary Clinic

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Shop Local Focus: Cook and Shaker

We are pleased to share our interview with shop local partner owner Laura Viegas of Cook and Shaker, located at the corner of Tulip and Albert Streets.

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Communal Kitchen: Grilled Eggplant with Lemon Tahini and Baba Ganoush

Behold The Eggplant!


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Communal Kitchen: Yogurt Fruit Dip Recipe

Introducing our very first Marketplace inspired Recipe Blog, featuring Kate Abraham!

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June 4 General Membership Meeting and Tour of the Site

The Kensington Community Food Co-op held a meeting in our beautiful new site at the intersection of Frankford, Lehigh and Coral st. Several volunteers helped to clean up the site on Sunday June 1st, and made for the perfect meeting space.

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Here Are the Nominees for Our Next Board Election

As you may have heard, KCFC is holding a general election in June for a new Board of Directors. We want to introduce you to the nominees for your consideration! 

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Shop Local Focus: The Head & The Hand Press

Community is at the heart of KCFC and it is through community that we have found strong supporters in organizations like The Head & The Hand Press.  Headed by KCFC member Nic Esposito, The Head & The Hand has been an avid supporter of KCFC and the Kensington economy, which makes this offering so much more exciting!

The Head & The Hand Press has a unique and ground breaking program – Community Supported Publishing (CSP). Following the model of the CSA we are all familiar with, The Head & The Hand is offering bi-annual shares of their published creative works. What a great way to combine a love for reading and a passion for supporting the local economy and community! The Head & The Hand Press will be offering KCFC members 10% off.  Use coupon code KCFC for the discount. Check out how the CSP works and how you can sign up here .

Nic Esposito embraces community supported endeavors and recently gave a TED X Talk on the importance of community, to make an impact and to create change. Check out "It Takes a Community," a Tedx Talk he delivered recently.


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