Site Location Announcement Party at PBC

On Sunday May 4th, the Kensington Community Food Co-op joined together with our members, friends, and neighbors, to celebrate the announcement of the location of our grocery store!

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Shop Local Spotlight: Keys to the Attic

Keys to the Attic has graced Girard Avenue with its presence since 2011. We are pleased to share our interview with Catherine, who has the know-how and the wares with it all to help you with your DIY house and upcycled furniture projects!

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SHOP LOCAL FOCUS: Fireball Printing

The next Shop Local Focus is on Fireball Printing. What started as a copy machine in a living room grew to a reputable printing business with offices in both Philadelphia and New York. Fireball is owned by Catherine Dentino and Paul Yavarone, Jr., and is known for its responsive service, quick turnaround times and high quality work. Catherine and Paul serve all your printing needs - booklets, business cards, CD’s, DVD’s, door hangers. You need it, they got it. Their latest project is a set of “Portable Fortitude” playing cards by artist Corina Dross, which can be used for either Texas Hold ‘Em or Tarot reading. In this interview you’ll get to find out a little more about Fireball Printing, its services and its relationship with the Kensington Community Food Co-op as a Shop Local Partner.

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Shop Local Spotlight: Affordable Skincare

A cheery turquoise storefront!
A happy staff of skincare maestros!
A quaint comfy waiting room, with really good magazines!
And then there is that straightforward business name--Affordable Skincare.
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Shop Local Spotlight: Melissa at Catch&Release Merchants

Today marks the return of the Shop Local Spotlight, where we take a moment to introduce all of our wonderful partners and their businesses. We are pleased as can be to introduce Melissa from Catch and Release Merchants on Frankford Avenue. 

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That Fresh Produce Smell and Other Marketplace Delights

A feast to be sure! We were overjoyed on Tuesday to open a box of carrots that actually smelled like carrots (as opposed to the supermarket carrots' sterile lack of smell). 

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Another Great Marketplace, Another New Member!

What's this? Produce from last summer? Why no, dear reader, that there is a beautiful fresh hydroponically grown head of butter lettuce, and those beauties completely sold out at at last night's Marketplace! 
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A Marketplace Recap and Other Good News

As the next KCFC Marketplace approaches (this coming Tuesday--2/11), we wanted to share one of many highlights from our last Marketplace, which was a visit from our lovely friends and mentors at Weavers Way Co-op.

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What's to Love About Food Co-ops?

Every now and then, it's good to step back and see the Big Picture on co-ops. 

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Big KCFC Success at Circle Thrift

Four new co-op members and $1,300 raised over a few hours--all part of a great collaboration with Shop Local partner Circle Thrift!  

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