Caiti & Oren's Valentine's Day KCFC Membership Story

Last year, Caiti and Oren decided they weren't going to give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. Instead, they wanted to do something more meaningful. When they heard about KCFC, they knew that sharing a co-op membership would be the perfect gift – an investment in their community, their shared values, and the future they were building together.



One year later, Caiti and Oren have become actively involved with the co-op, serving on the Membership Committee – and are enthusiastic that joining KCFC was the right choice.


“I’m thankful for the wonderful community of friends we’ve found in KCFC, but most of all I love that I get to work side-by-side with Oren for something we believe in: bringing healthy food to our neighborhood,” says Caiti.


“This gift is the seed for even greater things,” Oren adds, “not just for us—but for everyone when the co-op can open its doors to the world.”


Give the gift of membership to your spouse, partner or roommate and be entered to win a 3lb box of Miesse Candies! These tasty sweets come direct from Lancaster, and are delicious handcrafted chocolates!


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