Catch The Carrot Rules

Rules for Catching a Carrot

1. A carrot’s worth is $40 gifted towards a $200 lifetime membership, and only valid for new members. It cannot be used retroactively. If a present member does find the carrot, they may---

2. Pass The Carrot. Anyone who finds the carrot may pass the carrot itself and the discount onto another person. This transfer must happen in two days time.

3. If you aren’t becoming a member and using the discount, you can’t keep the carrot, no matter how cute it is! Give it back to the business where you found it, and they will rehide the carrot.

4. When one finds a carrot or accepts a carrot,  a form must be filled out at that time, committing this person to the remaining $160 of membership. If this cannot be done, then the carrot returns to hiding for another to find it.

5. Winners can pay in full, or they can enter into the installment payment. Either way, we are happy to have you! Leave all your paperwork, in the envelope, with the store where you found your carrot.

6. You can only use one carrot towards a membership.

7. If you have any questions about your status, your carrot, or volunteering to help us do more of all the cool stuff we do, email

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