Cinco de Mayo Member Meeting

We had a great turnout at the May 5th Member Meeting at Philadelphia Sculpture Gym. We ate delicious, Mexican-themed dishes from the pot luck table while we listed to our Board and volunteers share news about KCFC.



Dina Richman, KCFC's Treasurer, shared the exciting news that we now number 323 members! This incredible milestone has propelled us into the next exciting phase of opening a store. We have $60,000 promised to us in member equity, which is a great start!


Holly Logan, volunteer on the Membership Committee, let us know about upcoming events, including the Little Baby's/Pizza Brain Eat&Greet on May 14th, the Interstate Draft House Happy Hour on May 16th, and of course, on May 18th, there's the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival.

KCFC will be at all of the events - will you?

Peter Frank, KCFC's Board Vice President, spoke about our awesome Shop Local Program, and encouraged everyone to become more active by joining a committee.


Gail Szczesniak, Board member and lead of the Groceries Operations Team (or GO Team) talked about the Buyer's Club and how we are working to revamp our online ordering system to accommodate more orders. We now have a refrigerator and freezer at Circle of Hope, and are officially licensed with the city. The Marketplace will re-open on May 14th, and thereafter will occur regularly every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. We need volunteers to help things run smoothly though, so sign up if you have a few hours to spare!



Brian Baughan, Board member and Chair of the Media & Marketing committee, updated the group on its progress since last checking in at a General Membership. The team is using the new KCFC website to provide the latest info about the co-op's volunteer opportunities and upcoming events. Our social media volunteers are also continually getting the word out about KCFC. You can join the team by coming to a Media & Marketing committee meeting, now held every fourth Wednesday of the month! The next one will take place May 22 at 7:30. 


Peter then gave us an update on the Site Search Committee, and how we have to be a little discreet about the locations we are scouting. Obviously this is a delicate subject because we are all so excited to know when and where! But we are working on a financial model to predict how we'll perform at several locations, as well as a market study to be conducted over the summer. Jeff Carpineta further explained  the ups and downs of buying and renting, and looking into older and newer buildings; should we have parking; where should we be looking? The Site Search Committee is working very hard to have answers for all of these questions very soon, and if you are interested in being involved, please volunteer!

On behalf of our Board president Lena Helen, Peter shared that the Board is participating in a leadership training session in June, and that a co-op consultant will be conducting a workshop to help broaden our membership base so our our store can serve our community in all its diversity.  

key_P1090339.jpg  P1090382.jpg  P1090373.jpg

We are very excited to be entering the next phase of establishing a store, and hope that you share our enthusiasm! Remember, It's up to you: Recruit two!



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