Eat & Greet at Tim and Clare's

A few weeks ago Tim and Clare graciously hosted an Eat & Greet. Here they share their thoughts about the experience:


We had seen ads for the Kensington Community Food Co-op around town, but we really got interested when Emily Glover and Peter Frank invited us to an Eat & Greet brunch at their house last fall. The brunch was a lot of fun and we got to meet neighbors and hear about why the co-op is such an important addition to the neighborhood. We signed up that day, and have been thoroughly enjoying our Shop Local discounts at Soup Kitchen, PBC, Circle Thrift and more!

Tim and I love to cook and believe in the importance of healthy, sustainably sourced food. It would be great to have a store in our neighborhood that stocks the kind of products we like to buy, and is owned by the community at large. There’s a critical mass of like-minded people here—people who care deeply about the environment, sustainability, and healthy living. In addition to those who already support KCFC, we believe that opening a store would draw even more people to the neighborhood who may have considered living elsewhere.


Tim bought a house here in Kensington in 2007, and I joined him in 2011. We got married in May 2012. He was drawn to the neighborhood for many reasons--its eclectic mix of neighbors, affordable home prices, artistic vibe, and proximity to downtown. I was a little more hesitant to embrace the neighborhood at first, but joining the co-op and getting more involved with EKNA and other neighborhood activities has helped me love it too!

We hosted an Eat & Greet because we love to entertain, and witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of neighbors sitting together and eating as a tool for education about the KCFC. So, we put together a guest list, got in touch with the co-op, cooked a bunch of food, and off we went: it was AWESOME! We really enjoyed eating together and hearing everyone’s stories about how they got to live in the 19125: some people we knew really well, and others we got to know for the first time that night.














We had a cheese and hummus spread, made carrot vichyssoise, a wild mushroom bread pudding, chicken 'n biscuits, roasted veggies, salad, and salted caramel brownies. Jeff Carpineta, our speaker and a KCFC board member, was kind enough to bring some delicious Vietnamese summer rolls from a place on Kensington Avenue. His friend Jess also brought homemade miso soup, which was delicious!

To make the night even more special, we crossed the 300 member mark!












All in all, it felt great to host an Eat & Greet. Everyone stayed around and hung out long after the “official” part of the Eat & Greet was over, and the whole night just had a warm, friendly, neighborly vibe.

Some advice to anyone interested in hosting an Eat & Greet of their own: Just have fun with it! Don’t be intimidated! Prepare your favorite dishes, and be open-minded. It is a great way to get to know that neighbor you always say hi to across the street, or anyone else you think might be interested in joining the co-op!

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