Ending Marketplace and the Transition to Storefront!

KCFC members and supporters,

I wanted to take a moment to share some important news with you: October’s Marketplace (on 10/25) will be our last pop-up at Circle of Hope. But don’t be alarmed: this is actually great news...

People shopping at MarketplaceWhen Marketplace began five years ago, it was always envisioned as a temporary project—a chance to introduce KCFC to the community before we had a store, catch up with friends and neighbors, and sample what the Co-op will be offering when we open our doors at 2670 Coral Street. Its closure was always in the timeline, so the fact that we’ve gotten to that point is a step forward in the master plan! As we move closer to opening the store, it just makes sense to transition our efforts more towards store-preparation activities.

This is an exciting time of progress for KCFC. You may have heard that the search is underway for hiring our store’s General Manager. The Board of Directors is also actively engaged with our hired design team to make decisions on tangible elements of our store… from paint colors and signage, down to placement of refrigerators!

Most important, a huge thank-you goes out to all the other volunteers who have run Marketplace month after month over the past five years. GO Team and friends have helped build the foundation for the great things that lie ahead for KCFC!

So be sure to come out for our final Marketplace to send things off with a bang, and thanks for our volunteers. Plus, get special deals on closeout goods! And if you can, volunteer to lend a helping hand—we’ve still got some slots to be filled! See you on 10/25 from 6-8pm.


Holly Logan
KCFC, President

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