Every Journey Begins with the First Step

Hey, this is a first post on our new blog. Holy cow, we have an awesome blog. Let's talk about how awesome it is.

1) This is an awesome place to hear about upcoming events that are awesome. We might even have an awesome calendar that you click on with your awesome trackpad. Awesome.

2) This is an awesome place to read about how awesome past events were. They were truly awesome. You should have been there.

3) This is an awesome place to read about just how awesome KCFC is. It's synergy, baby. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Now that's awesome.

4) This is an awesome place to comment on posts and tell other members how awesome you are and how awesome it is to be a part of KCFC. We are awesome. You know this. You know this.

5) This is a place to learn more about local food, local vendors, and your local community. Your local AWESOME community. Did you know our local food is awesome?

There it is. We've declared our intentions. Now declare yours. Post below and share your unique vision with your community. It's an awesome thing to do.

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