Explore Your Store: Part 2

Take a walk with us through the aisles of our member-owned grocery store and café!

We recently unveiled the exterior design rendering for the future KCFC storefront on Coral Street. Here’s a new view that diagrams the interior space of the building and how customers will flow through the aisles—from produce, to bulk grains, to dry/mixed household goods, through meat and frozen goods. 

Cut away rendering of the store with different sections labeled

So here’s what that day might look like.

Entering the vestibule from Coral Street, you turn right and step into the grocery store. You are immediately greeted with fresh, colorful, and an abundant Produce section (#1) full of seasonal and year-round fruits and vegetables… sourced locally when possible. You select a bunch of fresh spinach and garlic to make a pasta dish for your family this evening.

Continuing towards Lehigh Ave. you stop in Bulk Grains (#2), where you stock up on household staples like rice, nuts, and quinoa by the pound. Looping around the back you find Dairy coolers (#3) filled with milk, eggs, butter, and cheese.

Returning to main space of the store, you find several aisles of shelving with neatly displayed products. After browsing our selection of Beauty & Health (#4) items, you pickup a new facial cleanser and vitamin C supplements then head through the Dry/Mixed Household Goods aisles (#5). There you find your favorite all-natural cleaner, plus pick up your boxed pasta and sauce.

Continuing towards the back of house, you are delighted to find Talenti gelato in the Freezer (#6) for an after-dinner treat. After picking up some ground beef to complete the meal (#7) you round the corner and meet your smiling Cashier (#8) beneath a beacon of yellow honeycombs—your “home base” for checkout, customer support, and member services.

As you walk back into the vestibule, you peer across the way to find a delightful café with full bar (#9). You see neighbors seated at tables, enjoying small sandwiches, and others getting growler fills to go. A friend is browsing three coolers of chilled beers. “Next time I’m going to grab a draft wine before I start my shopping trip,” you note to yourself.

Your store is here.

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