Explore Your Store: Part 3

Demystifying the steps towards construction and getting to Grand Opening!

Building a $1.9 million grocery store and café is no small feat. The steps are many, the process complicated, and the path can at times seem murky. Fortunately, KCFC has had the support of experts in construction, design, finance, and law to help chart our path to opening our Coral Street storefront’s doors. But what does that path actually look like?

To help explain, we’ve chunked the project into a few large phases:

1. Design - Complete.  2. Pre-Construction - We are here! 3. Groundbreakiing - target Winter 2017.  4. Construction - Approximately 6 - 8 months.  5. Store Opening - Target Fall 2017

Design: (Complete!)

The architectural plans have been finished, and the interior layout finalized. Equipment has been ordered and awaits installation when the storefront is ready!

Pre-Construction: (We Are Here!)

This phase is busy, varied, and complex. From a construction standpoint, building applications and permits are routed/approved by the city’s administrative authorities. Next, bids are requested from contractors who receive our drawings, visit the site, and bid/apply to win the construction contract (Target Jan 2017). Contractor selection is a critical step, because this process will also determine our actual project costs from a fundraising perspective. During Pre-Construction, the Board will also select a General Manager to oversee operations at the store.

 Groundbreaking: (Target Winter 2017)

This phase is the time to celebrate! Groundbreaking signifies that we are beginning construction processes at the store. Get ready to break out the shovels with us! Stay tuned to your email and our Facebook page for an invitation to be part of the event.

 Construction: (Approx. 6-8 Months)

Renovating our space on Coral Street is slated to take about 6-8 months. While much of the building’s exterior will remain in tact, some changes will be noticeable from the street including the rebuilding of our café annex. The majority of the work will go towards revitalizing the interior space from floor to ceiling and the installation of equipment, including new cooling systems. During this phase, our GM will also be hard at work on store planning, testing product and selecting vendors, hiring staff, and training them on operations.

 Store Opening: (Target Fall 2017)

This is the real time for real celebration! A more specific target date will be announced at Groundbreaking, after the bidding process has been completed.

 Clearly, KCFC is on the verge of huge things in 2017.

 How you can help:

Pledging your support in the project today will help tomorrow come sooner. The finish line for fundraising is within sight, and you can help get us there. 

  • Become a Member-Owner: Join the nearly 800 supporters and their families who have backed KCFC by becoming members. You become a co-owner of the store, and have a guiding vote in how we operate… from product choice to investment of profits. Plus you earn benefits today, like discounts through our Shop Local program, and other incentives once our storefront is open. And if you’re already a member-owner, invite your friends and neighbors to join you! 

  • Make a Member Loan: Member Loans are friendly financing provided by YOU the owners. They are investments repaid to you after store opening, and you can even earn interest up to 4% return. Like the idea behind crowdfunding, our collection of loans (big and small) together adds up to big dollars. Member Loans begin at $1,000, are customized to you, and are available to all member-owners who legally reside in the state of PA. Email info@kcfc.coop to learn more about this opportunity. 

  • Increase Your Equity: As a member-owner, you’ve already contributed $200 of equity to the project. Another way to support the project is to increase the amount of equity you hold with KCFC. Like you would at a bank, you can invest money (equity) into the project to use now. That equity helps the Co-op better meet member-owners’ needs by allowing for more capital for construction and staffing. Consider increasing your equity by another $200. Email info@kcfc.coop to talk more about equity today.

Groundbreaking is upon us. Together let’s build this store!

In Explore Your Store: Part 4 we’ll be exploring the impact of KCFC on everyday life in the neighborhood around us, and the planning that is taking place now to ensure a healthy transition to an open business on at the Intersection of Lehigh Ave and Coral Street.

 Your store is here.

Become a member today.

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