General Member Meeting 9.14 Recap

On Sunday September 14th, the KCFC Community, member-owners and supporters alike gathered at the future home of the KCFC grocery store at 2667 Coral Street, at the intersection of Frankford and Lehigh, to discuss the past, present, and future of our co-op.


Who can resist an opportunity for a potluck? We snacked on delicious community-contributed goodies in our beautifully cleaned space, with an added floral ambiance thanks to Jig-Bee Farms' donated sunflowers.


Newly elected KCFC President Colleen Watts announced the new board and executive board:


Congratulations to the new Board!

She also explained that the bylaws (which can now be changed by the board) have been changed so that board members now serve three-year terms, which will come into effect gradually with each yearly election. Bylaws are available on our website.


KCFC now has 560 members (and then Melissa joined immediately following the meeting!)

The Arch Street Friends Membership Grant of $2000 was used for 50 $40 grants towards membership investment. 

We also have a sparkling 40 page long business plan, thanks to Michael Cunningham who was assisted by Jeff Carpineta, Thom Berg, and Colleen Watts.

In 2014 we gained 14 new Shop Local Partners! Interested in joining our Shop Local Program? Contact Angie:!

Our beautiful new mural by Christiane Moore, Jen Brown, Mo Manklang, and Katrina Rakowski was installed at our site this summer.


Jeff Carpineta, Director at Large, spoke about some questions and concerns we've all been hearing or asking ourselves: 

When will the store be open?

As soon as we have the funds to renovate the space, purchase the needed equipment, hire a general/project manager, and stock the shelves! This could be much sooner as more member-owners join. An important component to the conversation we will be having with the lenders is having 800-850 member-owners.


We will focus on member growth (reaching the 800 member-owners by the end of 2014), and equity growth from our members (via our Member Loan Campaign, launching October 1st). In 2015: we will talk to lenders about commitments, and look into hiring a general/ project manager.

Store design/planning, continuing to grow membership, city review complete, disbursing funds, begin renovations/building the store, hiring a general manager, finalizing the details of the store design, hired GM oversees construction, continued input and guidance, and continuing member growth steadily.

What are we doing now?

Working on these steps, one step at a time.

Increasing membership (hiring a new Member Recruitment Coordinator), launching our Member Loan Campaign, tabling at events, hosting eat & greets, marketing for all of these things, and planning for future events.

How much do we need, for what, and by when? 

In total, we expect to require $1,451,732 for the basic uses of things such as:

Leasehold improvements, equipment, inventory, consulting and project management fees, start-up promotion, start-up staffing, operating and admin prior to opening, hosting site costs (rent, taxes, utilities), interest during the project, post opening professional support, first year working capital, and overrun allocation.


Colleen then spoke at length about our Member Loan Campaign: read more about it here.

Member-owner loans are the friendliest kind of loan. Want to loan excess cash to KCFC? Email for info. The minimum loan amount is $1000 and you must be a member-owner to participate as this is a legal agreement. Our goal of $400,000 is a thoughtful one: lots of research has been done, and it is an achievable goal, set to begin October 1st. KCFC will be making phone calls asking for loans from Oct 1-31st. If you are interested in helping make calls, there will be an info session every Thursday from 7:30-9pm at KCFC, where scripts and FAQs will be provided.


What we will use Member Loan Campaign money for: site holding costs, architects, contractors, store equipment, building renovations, legal fees.

What we don't use the money for: operating expenses, fundraising costs, non-project related expenses.


Check-Ins with our committee chairs.

Groceries Operations Chair: Gail Szczesniak

We have on average 50 shoppers at our bi-weekly marketplace!

GO Team meets the first Monday of the month at 2009 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown at 6:30. (Upstairs at Circle of Hope) They order groceries, organize spread sheets, write out the email 2x monthly, and staff the marketplace. They need your help measuring dry goods, weighing produce, and cleaning up. You can email Holly ( or Gail ( to volunteer for one hour shifts.


Membership Committee Chair: Tim Dych

Our Membership Team coordinates the tabling at events, coordinating events, and meets upstairs at Liberty Choice from 7-9pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month starting in October. 


Media/Marketing Committee Chair: Jackie Cusack

We have a new blog series called Communal Kitchen, run by Kate Abraham. If you would like to collaborate with her on a recipe, or have one you want to share, you can email Kate here

Mo Manklang has updated our brochure which will be out soon.

Dan Arber, our incredible website guru, shares his talents both in and outside of the Marketing Committee.


Ways to get involved:

  1. Become a Member-Owner: Join Today!

  2. Volunteer! (Member-owner Volunteers get 10% off their Marketplace purchases!)

  3. Interested in becoming our Member Recruitment Coordinator? Email Rachael Kerns-Wetherington  

  4. Join our GO Team and help with the Market Place! Contact Gail Szczesniak

  5. Have a knack for design and strategy? Join our Media/Marketing Committee! Contact Jackie Cusack 

  6. Want to help us connect with new members? Join our Membership Committee! Contact Tim Dych 


Cheers to another great Member Meeting! 

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