KCFC is a business owned and operated by its members. We employ a cooperative business structure encoded in our bylaws, a overarching document of guiding principles that governs how our organization must function to ensure equity is maintained at all levels. In the Membership Contract you sign when joining, you accept the bylaws as fundamental rules that govern us.

In accordance with our bylaws, we the member-owners elect a Board of Directors to oversee the executive operations of our co-op. Democratic control ensures that the business maintains adequate strategic, financial, and social health. KCFC Board elections occur annually for terms of three years.

The governance model further empowers the Board to create working Committees to execute activities of the Co-op. KCFC currently enjoys volunteer energy to support the following Committees below:

  • Membership & Marketing Committee: Tasked with membership recruitment, internal and external communications, and existing member engagement.
  • Inclusivity Committee: Tasked with increasing the overall accessibility and openness of KCFC to the community, and sustaining the Co-op's role as an engine of social justice serving the neighbors of Kensington, Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Northern Liberties.

If you are interested in joining a Committee, email to get connected!

A key principle that makes all this work is transparency.

Any member-owner is welcome to attend our bi-monthly Board meetings, which occur on the 2nd Thursday and the 4th Monday of every month. Minutes are also available upon request.

We also hold recurring Community Meetings twice annually, each spring and fall. These meetings are a "State of the Co-op" and are open to both existing and prospective member-owners. Join our newsletter and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with when these meetings are announced.

Have questions? Email us at

How to Request Board Meeting Minutes

All KCFC member-owners are empowered to attend Board Meetings or request copies of the Board Meeting Minutes. If you would like to request access, send an email to and include your full name and member # (on your KCFC card) with a brief message.

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