Groundbreaking, Now What?

A look into the progress made through this summer, and what's next. 

Five white hard hats stacked on a table in a pyramid.

Earlier this year, we celebrated the symbolic "groundbreaking" on work for our Coral Street storefront. This term is used to describe the entry to the formal Planning and Construction phases of the project.

So where are the shovels and cranes? Unfortunately, a lot goes into the planning process that you can't see from the outside. Here are some of the highlights from this summer:

  • Preliminary Plans Review: This is an initial review of project plans as scoped with the city. The Preliminary Review is meant to catch big red flags that can cause (costly) delays further into Construction. We've completed this review, which uncovered several legal issues related to the property that needed to be corrected before proceeding.
  • Sourcing Equipment: A big task of our GM Mike has been the sourcing of equipment. From AC configurations to refrigerators, Mike has been responsible for vetting the different solutions for function, cost, and capability with our other systems to find the right mix of equipment for us.
  • Coordinating with Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineers: In tandem with the vendors, Equipment Sourcing must also be coordinated with the project's Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineers. MEPs ensure that selected equipment can work within the store's constraints. They help answer questions like "Will the circuits have adequate capacity to power all the equipment on that line?" and "Can the roof support the weight of the envisioned cooling system?" As you can imagine, this Coordination can create a "round robbin" effect until the right combination of equipment is determined.

So what's happening next? Over the next few weeks, a few critical sign-offs will take place that greenlight the project for Construction. First, the project's structural engineers will complete their final review of the revised drawings. Then the MEPs will also review these revised drawings. With blessing from both Structural and MEP engineers, our complete project plans will be resubmitted to the City for final approvals.

Then with City approval, we're full steam ahead on the construction phase!

The entire KCFC Leadership Team believes that transparency is a really important part of the Co-op experience. When Construction begins, we hope to be in more frequent communication with progress updates, photos, and more.

Until then, if you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out:

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