Growing our Member-Owners at TAAF

Kat Taylor shares her experience of tabling and seeking out new member-owners for our co-op!



I hadn't even finished setting up for our day of tabling at the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby & Arts Fest last weekend, when Rachel Guerrero, a local resident, walked right up to the table. Rachel knew about the co-op from a friend of hers who serves on our Marketing Committee. I started to tell her about Marketplace, our monthly "mini-farmer's market" happening every 4th Tuesday. As I was giving her a coupon and telling her that membership is $200 per household, I expected a blank nod, a "thanks," and a wave good-bye. Instead, she said, "OK," without hesitation.

This is not your typical KCFC tabling experience. Most of the time, I'm either explaining what a co-op is or trying to convince people to join NOW, before our doors open to help us get there. Though my background is in outreach and I love talking to people, I am not an aggressive saleswoman. My title is Membership Recruitment Coordinator and my job involves signing up new members and engaging the ones we already have. KCFC is truly a volunteer endeavor and there are many working parts. I am awed by the commitment I see around me and the willingness of people like Rachel who want to be part of it.

Members are pouring their hearts into getting this co-op started, as we all want to see a new member-owned grocery store in the neighborhood. But it's not going to happen without a lot more members and community investment. We got 12 new members at the Derby that day. Some had never heard of us, some have known us for years. Join to be part of something larger that is gaining momentum. Tell a friend. Now's our chance.

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