Highlights from October's General Membership Meeting


In case you missed it....here's a recap of the big news from October 24's GMM (which is a shame, because you missed cake and bbq, too...)



Here is a recap of some of the highlights of our GMM. We’ll post official minutes here following approval by the board after the November 12 board meeting.

- New Board Member Introduction

  • Executive Committee: Peter Frank, Vice President, Caiti Rothenberg, Secretary
  • Directors-at-Large: Antony DiBruno, Rebecca Torpie 
  • Holly Logan is our new Board President!

- We’re past the 700 member mark! (Official number as of the end of the meeting: 713!) 

- Funds Committed to Date =  $948,118 

- Progress Since April (the last General Membership Meeting)

  • 90 new members = $18,000 in committed member equity
  • Grants: $12,500
  • Member Loans: $9,000 committed from members in Mt. Airy and South Philly
  • Loan from East Kensington Neighbors Assoc. (EKNA): $7,000
  • Hired Nicole Klimek from CDS Consulting to complete store design – schematic   design phase
  • Put out an RFP to hire an architect; received 4 bids, will hire Oct. 30  

- KCFC Timeline

  • Approx. 4 months: Design (includes code review, permits, structural engineers), Construction bids (precise costs)
  • FILL THE GAP (Time ??)
  • $$ Raised thus far: $948,118
  • Estimated total project cost: $1,566,000
  • THE GAP: $617,907
  • Approx. 6-8 months: Construction, Hire General Manager (GM)
  • Grand Opening!

- How you can help open our store faster!

  • Ask your neighbors to join
  • Commit to making a loan
  • Pre-order and shop at Marketplace (4th Tuesdays) and bring your friend
  • Host a House Party
  • Volunteer

- Committee Updates

  • Grocery Operations (GO Team)
  • Encourage your friends to come to Marketplace!
  • 10% discount for first-time shoppers and KCFC volunteers 
  • Membership Committee & Shop Local
  • Helping out is easy: it begins with simply talking about the co-op to     your friends and neighbors!
  • New: Employee Benefit Campaign
  • Please patronize our Shop Local partners & support the community! 
  • Media & Marketing Committee
  • Gearing up for website changes, need volunteers with skills to help out!
  • Also need volunteers for social media, writing 
  • Inclusivity Committee
  • New committee seeking to build alliances with local community groups 
  • Hiring Committee
  • Up next: General Manager (GM) 
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