House Parties


Host a House Party to share the importance of bringing a community-owned grocery store to the Kensington area

House Parties are fun, informal meetings, potlucks, dinners, cocktail parties, or simple gatherings held by members to recruit friends, family and neighbors. The intent of House Parties is to grow the KCFC membership.

How it works:

  • Agree to host people you know who want to invest and co-own a grocery store in our area.
  • Pick a date and invite friends, family and neighbors.
  • Host your event. A KCFC representative will be on hand to share information on the Co-op, speak about the importance of joining, and answer any questions.
  • Encourage your friends and family to sign-up.

***Once you choose a date that works for you, contact, and start planning! 



Pickled_Heron_Fundraiser_8.jpg House Party at the Pickled Heron

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