I'm #55!

(No, I’m NOT “Hashtag 55”!)

Easter_Family.jpgWhen I joined KCFC in the summer of 2010, I was the 55th person to make the commitment to getting healthy food into our community. I had a couple of different reasons for joining – mainly a newborn son I wanted to be well-nourished and a vision of the kind of community I wanted to participate in. When I think about what makes my neighborhood – any neighborhood – a great place to live, having access to high-quality food and building relationships with likeminded folks are at the top of the list.

When I volunteered to write a blog post for the Co-op, I thought maybe I would highlight a recipe, share a little anecdote about gathering around the table and invite others to catch a glimpse of my life – an intimate snapshot of a food-focused family moment. Many times I sat down to write, but the words did not come. I’m passionate about food, family, healthy eating and the power of the communal act of sharing a meal…but in daily life, I’m a pretty terrible cook and I get all of my recipes from Pinterest.

If I really want to share something authentic about myself and why KCFC is important to me, it’s not going to be some secret family recipe. I invested in the Co-op and made a member loan to further the cause because it’s in my own best interest on a lot of levels. I work for a non-profit that addresses health disparities in North Philly and my third day on the job I learned my new favorite term- “Enlightened Self-Interest.” Basically, it means that you can work for the greater good and further your personal interests at the same time. It’s the ultimate win-win. Good thing for my neighbors = good things in my belly. Active and involved people working to form community = a safer place to raise my kids, more opportunities to engage and a better overall quality of life. Do well by doing good.

I’m excited for the opening of the store – just a few blocks down my house on East Lehigh. (And the fact that there’s a liquor license is icing on the Stock’s pound cake – LOL!) I’m thrilled that what started out as a group of people picnicking on Frankford Ave has grown to an organization more than 600 members strong. Most amazing is that spirit of coming together hasn’t been lost as more people joined, but the sense of community, comradery, ownership and partnership is more powerful now than ever. I’m proud to be member-owner #55 of the Kensington Community Food Co-op.

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