Interview with Martha and Joshua Grace

1) Why did you join KCFC?

Joshua:  For us it’s a learning process in our faith-journey, some of it is deconstructing racism, materialism, consumerism, and making connections. Part of building a community is becoming reintegrated with creation and the rhythms of creation: learning basic stuff about where our food comes from.


Joshua (cont.): How something gets from the earth to the plate, is something that most people don’t have a good sense of. It’s alienating, and it makes you a weird person. We have two children, and so we’re trying to make them more whole humans. We compost, we have a little garden: we are taking steps away from alienation. Co-ops are an opportunity for people to participate together, get to know each other, and educate each other about healthy food. We are modeling another world-view, another way of life, that isn’t just based on global domination and enslavement of disenfranchised peoples, but where we can live, even in a city, and have a relationship with the people who grow our food. 

2) Why will it work in Kensington? 

Martha: We may not be directly inside the food desert here, but we’re on the edge. It’s important to be a part of the co-op and participate, so more people can get access to healthy, affordable food. Because we have a car, we can bike or train, we can go find healthy food if we want to.

Joshua: Kensington is a formerly forgotten place, and the system’s kind of washed over it. Doing something that’s so neighbor- and relationally-driven is really important for us. I think a co-op can work especially here, because most people know that there isn’t affordable, healthy food that they can learn about and participate in, and even own: all of those things can be really appealing for our neighbors. It’s great to be able to do something together as a community; it stabilizes the neighborhood, especially one in transition like ours. Around here, people don’t know each other. If they did, it might be different. Even things like violence and theft go down if you all know each other. If you have a common mission, you can break down all kinds of walls.

3)What is your vision? 

Martha: Our vision is to help grow the church (Circle of Hope), and figure out how to include all kinds of people in how we live out our faith each day. I'm interested in having a say in the decisions we make, for instance, there are some really good potential locations for a store. People aren’t actively joining because we don’t have a store yet, but if they did, they could create their own vision with us.

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