Interview with Member/Volunteer Stephanie Jackson

1) Why did you join KCFC?

I’ve been a member of a co-op almost everywhere I’ve lived. As I became more interested in alternative healing, I started paying much more attention to my diet. Although I already ate pretty healthy, I became aware of how what I put into my body affects me.


When I moved to Philly, it was a bit of a shock: the first time I went into an Acme, and I couldn’t find the food. So, when I found out that we were starting a co-op in this neighborhood, that was a big deciding factor for us to stay in this neighborhood, and to get involved in KCFC. It’s crystal clear that it has a huge impact. Being a part of KCFC is also a great way to meet all the movers and shakers of this community. I’m really grateful: I’ve met all of my favorite people in this neighborhood through the co-op!


2) Why would a co-op work in Kensington?

Kensington attracts the kinds of people who would be into a co-op: people who tend to think creatively, who tend to prioritize community. Because of Sustainable 19125, there’s been a lot of effort put into green spaces, parks and urban farms. We don’t have a good enough grocery store that’s close: that’s good enough motivation. If there was a co-op here, it might do the local community a little bit of good, just by having healthy food and good energy available. Unless you’ve got a car and some motivation, you’re going to have to eat badly because there just aren’t that many other options.


3) What is Your Vision?

I’d like to see the kind of community that you would have if you lived in a place that didn’t depend on cars. I lived in Mexico, in a town where there were no streets in the middle of town, it was all just stone paths and staircases. If you went to the store, or went to get a cup of coffee, you ran into your neighbors: you’d have more casual interactions with humans in 12 hours, than you would in an American city in two or three weeks. It made a huge difference in the quality of life: you don’t have to spend lots of money to feel like you existed, because your life was rich in human interaction. Here we jump into our car, and go to a grocery store several miles away, and then come home and cook a meal, and then go to bed, and go to work in a cubicle: your life is a cog in a big machine that doesn’t care about you. My vision is to create a structure, architecturally, socially, economically, that fosters far more community than has really been in taste in this country for the past 50 years, ever since cars and televisions became things that everyone has. Being that my Practical Bodywork business is about health, I’m really aware that food is a huge part of peoples health. I can feel the difference in my body, and in my clients’ bodies, when we’re eating wholesome unprocessed food as opposed to prefab garbage stuffed with non-nutritive things like corn and sugar. It's night and day- I can’t do much for people if their diets are unhealthy, and I can’t function myself if my body isn’t healthy.

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