Interview with the Snooks

1) Why did you join KCFC?

We joined KCFC because we care greatly about eating healthy, real food. We also care greatly about our community. In order to be able to healthily sustain as a family, we see the benefits of joining with our local community to bring the best possible foods to our neighborhood at affordable prices.



2) Why do you want a co-op grocery?

We are SUPER excited to participate with the co-op bringing healthy, affordable food to this neighborhood. It does not make sense to drive across the city for groceries that were shipped here from around the world (at higher prices). It does makes sense to support local farmers and producers and to have quality food available right here where we live. It makes sense for our health, our pocketbooks, and our precious time and resources.

3) Why will it work in Kensington?
Kensington desperately needs a grocery store supplying food that is high quality, healthy, locally sourced and affordable. The co-operative model means its members can actually positively impact their own community through food and relationship!
Our KCFC store will really stand out, because there is not yet anything like it in our immediate neighborhood. I think the co-op store will shine a light on the importance of healthy, local foods. I believe we can use this store to contribute to Kensington's growing culture of care. Since we are already cooperating in the KCFC Buyer's Club and have hundreds of invested members onboard, it's hard to imagine that the store could not work!

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