Big KCFC Success at Circle Thrift

Four new co-op members and $1,300 raised over a few hours--all part of a great collaboration with Shop Local partner Circle Thrift!  



A few weeks ago, Circle Thrift approached us with the idea of a KCFC day at the store. They said they would even donate all the money made throughout the day to the Co-op. What a generous offer!

The plan was fairly simple: Let's get our members and others out to Circle Thrift for the day to support a fantastic longtime Shop Local partner. For several years now, Circle Thrift has provided to our community inexpensive clothing, jobs, and funds to help support its partners. 

And, for the shoppers in our community who are not yet KCFC members, let's ask our volunteers to share the Co-op plan and vision for a community-owned grocery store, including, of course, the Big News that we are in negotiations for a grocery store site. A site, we should add, that a professional co-op grocery consultant has determined to be the best site in the zip code among all available, with great parking and ample size, ease of access, and location.  

And that's what happened this past Saturday. Through store purchases, Circle Thrift and its shoppers raised $1,300 for KCFC! We're at a point where we need a lot of capital to finance our store, and since every dollar counts, so this is HUGE. Thanks, Circle Thrift!

Another critical source of capital and support is new member investments, so we're just as excited to announce the four new members who joined on Saturday--Melissa, Ravine, Joel, and Josh. Here are a couple of pictures of the new members: 


This is the Shop Local spirit and a strong local economy in action!

We want to remind members and those who haven't yet joined that a KCFC membership gets you a 20% discount of your total purchase at Circle Thrift, so take advantage of the deal and support Circle Thrift (2233 Frankford Ave.)! Plenty of other Shop Local discounts and other deals are available. Check out our Shop Local page to learn what your KCFC membership gets you.

As always, we want to remind you and your friends, family members, and colleagues the option of becoming a KCFC member onlineYou can make the total investment in our store upfront or pay in monthly installments.

Thanks again to Circle Thrift and our great volunteers who helped make KCFC Day happen.

Happy Holidays!


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