Another Great Marketplace, Another New Member!

What's this? Produce from last summer? Why no, dear reader, that there is a beautiful fresh hydroponically grown head of butter lettuce, and those beauties completely sold out at at last night's Marketplace! 


Equally astonishing were the dried mangos, honey butter, and as always, the cider.

And as if that weren't enough, welcome new member Lisa, who might have the coolest job ever as a historical ship restorer down at Penn's Landing. She is a neighbor, so if you see her around welcome her to our food co-op!


Up next is another KCFC Happy Hour at East Girard Gastropub (EGG), coming up this Thursday. And if you haven't yet, set your calendars for Saturday, March 8, when we'll be having our first General Membership Meeting in 2014.

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