Until we open our full-fledged food co-op on Coral Street, we run a once-a-month pop-up market the fourth Tuesday of every month (except December) at Circle of Hope. You can purchase lots of fresh, local produce and dry bulk items at great prices. We also offer a preorder option too, where you can preorder local meats, cheese, and other items handpicked by our Grocery Operations committee. To receive emails about what’s for sale at Marketplace and other happenings at the Co-op, subscribe to our newsletter on the right --->

Marketplace is held on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 6-8:00pm upstairs at Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave., just north of Norris.

Do I have to be a KCFC member to shop at the KCFC Marketplace?

No, although joining the Co-op has benefits for you and benefits the Co-op by supporting its opening and operation through your equity investment. All KCFC members who volunteer two hours a month get 10% off at Marketplace! Sign up for a shift here.

Shopping at KCFC’s Marketplace helps us open our Coral Street store! Interested in knowing more? Click here.


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