May Updates

It is really excited to be writing my latest newsletter with KCFC being under construction... woohoo!!

The road has been bumpy and we have certainly learned some important lessons along the way, but the time is here and this thing is finally happening, so pat yourselves on the back, give someone a high five, and be excited for helping to bring a community-owned grocery store to your neighborhood.

The most exciting part of being under construction is that I (and the Board) can focus our energies on things other than “how do we get this thing under construction.” In the coming months we will talk about things like staffing and hiring needs, products and vendors, and working membership options.

We’ll also begin laying out the vision for how the store will come to life for the everyday shopper, and for management by staff. I plan to present my vision for the store and solicit feedback by department, so that when it comes time for our staff (and me) to make decisions about vendors and products, we can do so with a greater understanding.


Construction officially began on April 23, 2018. The GC went right to work and by the end of last week, the old cafe annex was torn down. That section will be rebuilt and will house our new cafe/bar. There is a lot of demo work to be done on the inside as well and the crew has been hard at work trying to finish the demo process and move on to framing out the inside.

The entire construction process should take 6 to 8 months to complete, and by “complete” I mean until the store is open. We are working very hard to open before the end of the year or even before the Thanksgiving, but it is just too early in the process to get more specific than that. We'll continue to provide timing updates as new information becomes available.


I know that the neighborhood is excited that the Co-op is under construction and lots of people have been by to check it out, but it is an active construction site and we cannot have people in the Co-op or the parking lot at any time. NO MEMBER-OWNERS ARE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE SITE. It is a huge liability issue and people’s safety is of our utmost concern. Thank you for understanding.


Our general contractor is Dan Labrador, the owner and operator of Lyon Contracting Services. We first started working with him back in late November 2017. Dan came highly recommended to us by the folks from Impact Services and Shift Capital. His office is in the neighborhood and his goal was to hire small local companies and provide work for those closest to our neighborhood.

An important value Dan brings to KCFC is subcontractor diversity. As you may recall, our project must meet certain minority/women owned business thresholds in agreement with the City. We are excited because Dan has helped us achieve the City’s aggressive requirements. With Dan and the assistance of NKCDC, we will also be helping these smaller companies register with the city and be applicable for city work, like the Rebuild project, in the future.


Mark your calendars for our next Community Meeting on Saturday June 9th, beginning at 10am. We’ll talk more construction updates, and Board candidates will give stump speeches to kickoff our 2018 elections. This year we have four seats up for vote. If you’re interested in running, reply to this email to let us know and we’ll follow up with you! And if you haven’t done so already, RSVP and invite your friends and neighbors to our event page on Facebook.

Michael Richards
General Manager

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