Meet the 2018 Board Candidates

Now is the time to vote for your board! As an owner, you have the opportunity and responsibility to vote for our Board of Directors, an important governing body of the Co-op.

KCFC Board Elections - 2018

Voting in the election for the Board of Directors is one way to effect change in the store that you own. By voting for the candidates who most nearly match your vision for KCFC, you participate in the direction that we take as a community-owned organization. We urge you to participate in the election each year so that your voice may be heard.

When and where can I make this vote happen?

Voting in KCFC’s 2018 Board Election began in-person at the KCFC Community Meeting on Saturday, June 9th at 10:00 am. Here, member-owners heard stump speeches from the candidates about their vision for KCFC to earn your vote.  The meeting was broadcasted on facebook live and linked to our facebook page in case you missed it.

Online voting will open June 15th and conclude on Monday, July 2nd at 10PM. Member-owners who did not vote in-person will receive an automated email from Helios with a unique link to cast their vote.

In 2018, we have five candidates for four available board seats. All spots are for full three-year terms. To learn more, contact the Elections Committee at


Meet the Candidates!

The candidates were asked to respond to the following questions in their candidate statements:

1) Tell us about yourself and your personal/professional background, including relevant experience, leadership
positions and passions.
2) Describe your involvement with KCFC, including how long you have been a member-owner and any ways you have volunteered (if applicable)
3) Why should you be elected to the KCFC Board of Directors? What unique skills or insights do you bring?


Scott Haldeman


I am a parent/musician/chemist. I studied chemistry at Temple University and earned my bachelor’s degree in 2012. I currently work for a materials science company in North Philadelphia that manufactures products for water purification. I’ve been a parent for the last  two and half years, I’ve been playing music for the last 20 years, and more recently have started down the path of exploring Buddhism. My passions outside of those include: hiking, camping, listening to records, coffee and reading.


My partner and I first became a members of the co-op in the spring of 2015 and have since volunteered several times. We volunteered in various roles prepping and cleaning the site in advance of the Beer Gardens that were hosted in the Summer of 2016 as well as volunteered during and after each Beer Garden event. I also volunteered as a caller in several of the Member Loan Campaigns.

I think that if elected I could help bring a logical perspective as well as a hands on approach to tackling challenges. I try to pull wisdom from all points of my background: Science (logical/critical thinking), Music (creative approaches), and Parenting (PATIENCE!).


Cooperative issues of particular interest to me:

  1. Affordability and availability of healthy food in our community
  2. Sustainability of our practices (both environmentally and economically)
  3. Being an active neighbor

Carol Macrini

I'm a newcomer to Philadelphia, having moved to East Kensington from a small Bucks County farm last year in search of city life. Professionally, I'm design director at a healthcare content company, managing graphic designers who create magazines and digital communications. My side hustle is web design for artisanal business owners. My preferred activity, though, is looking at and caring for the urban natural environment. I (weirdly) get a lot of satisfaction from cleaning litter from local streets, and am the caretaker of the local feral cat colony. I'm constantly intrigued by how people design their sidewalk gardens and personalize their rowhouses.

I've been involved with KCFC as a member since last year. KCFC was one of the deciding factors in our move to Kensington. A nearby food co-op is a fantastic amenity, and I took it to mean that a strong and progressive community existed here.

My skills are pretty broad, and I hope to be useful wherever needed. I like to think I'm good at working towards consensus and engaging in respectful debate. My time spent managing designers has taught me to listen carefully and be flexible. Also, I served on the Frenchtown NJ planning and zoning board, so I have a basic familiarity with government regulations and modern urban planning.


Cooperative issues of particular interest to me:

  1. Employee engagement and retention
  2. Marketing/branding/design
  3. Landscaping, property maintenance


Daniel Hyrowich


On the weekends I enjoy camping, gardening, and exploring.  On weekdays, I edit video and do production full time, and bike around Philly and the surrounding areas.  I also enjoy spending time with my wife and 8 month old son.


I grew up in the Lehigh Valley frequenting farm stands and playing in the woods.  I am an Eagle Scout, Toastmaster, and a cat lover. I graduated from UCF in 2006 with a BFA in Film Production.  Regarding film, I write, produce, direct, and edit. These skills allow me to organize events, projects, and productions.  I go out of my way to get quality produce and meat for my family. I believe in sustainability through fair practices and smart planning.   Some hobbies of mine are making chocolate, collecting vinyl, and drinking coffee and beer. I love movies, but over the last decade, TV has become very competitive.


I recently joined the KCFC.  I feel very passionate about Kensington having a place to buy quality produce and meat without driving downtown, ordering online, or paying an arm and a leg.  I’ve lived in the area since 2008, and I have watched Fishtown become its own sustainable community. I believe Kensington is next. The KCFC has the power to build a stronger, healthier community of its own.  Even if not elected, I am excited to volunteer my skills.


Across the street from the Quick Stop at Frankford and Sergeant, I run the garden on the corner.  Planting, maintaining, and picking your own food is very difficult, but rewarding. I gave away more food to the neighbors and locals than I can remember.  They would tell me about how they can’t find anything similar around. I want to bring the opportunity for them to have delicious, fresh food like that all year long.


I have had many jobs in the food service industry; from prep-cooking to bartending to managing a cheesesteak shop.  I’ve also worked retail, sold Direct TV, and made movies. I love this community, from my fellow pool league members at Perry’s to the baristas at Amalgam.  I have my finger on the pulse of this community and its many walks of life. I believe as a board member, I can bring them all together.


Cooperative issues of particular interest to me:             


  1.  Community Outreach                           
  2.  Media Coverage           
  3.  Workplace Morale      

Peter Frank


I currently work at the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (PACA) as the Director of Finance & Development. I helped form PACA in 2011 with other co-op leaders in our city who wanted to grow a more fair and just cooperative economy. Prior to working at PACA, I was at Mariposa Food Co-op in a management role as Organizational Facilitator.


I've been a member since we first started accepting members, having helped launch our very first membership campaign in 2009. I've mostly served on the board as Vice President. I've played a key role in securing financing from our main institutional lenders and developing and implementing our business plan.


I bring institutional knowledge of KCFC to the board, as well as best practices and innovations from the national co-op field. I can support the KCFC leadership as we complete construction and launch our co-op. It's been an incredible experience building this co-op from scratch and having survived good times and bad over the last 9 years with KCFC, I need to see this through to a successful store opening and beyond.


Cooperative issues of particular interest to me:
1. I think it's incredibly important for the greater Kensington community to secure and invest in community ownership of a business that feeds our families. It matters that this business will be a co-op, because co-ops build incredibly valuable assets and share it democratically among their member-owners. It's a beautiful thing! We are claiming market share at a time when our community is developing and changing rapidly, but out of town mega-corporations have not yet parachuted into this part of our community to extract profit off of us.   

2. It's also important to me that we build a store and an organization that can serve low and moderate income people in our community. It won't be easy, since we are creating a relatively small independent business in a grocery industry that creates cheaper prices through buying power. We have been hard at work to create programs and policies that reduce barriers for people to shop and participate. We are not just building this store for wealthy foodies, we're trying to balance the needs of the diversity of people who live in our community.

3. I'm also excited to see KCFC grow along with the broader co-op economy in our region, joining the other 7 food co-ops and numerous worker co-ops, credit unions, housing co-ops, and other co-op businesses working to make Philly a better place for everyone.

Colleen Savage

I am a local resident, wife and mother. My family lives mere blocks from the co-op and it was one of the many reasons we decided to buy our first home here. We hail from sunny Florida, and have been in Philly for a little over two years. I have a background in sales, marketing and event planning. I earned BA in English from the University of South Florida and am working towards my MS in Nonprofit Leadership at La Salle University. I am a stay-at-home mother to my lovely son Charlie who was born this past July. Funny story, we had to cancel volunteering for KCFC’s beer garden, because Charlie came a few weeks early. While in labor I kept saying, “But we have to volunteer tomorrow!” I am super in love with my 8 animals, and pretty much every animal I’ve ever met. I love a good laugh and could not be more excited for KCFC to open its doors!

I’ve only been a member for a short time, about a year and month, as my pregnant mind thought I had already signed up and turns out I had not. My husband and I volunteered to get the site together for the beer gardens this past summer. I was only able to make it once due to being very pregnant, but I sent him to represent the Savage Clan a few more times.

I should be elected because KCFC’s mission is so important and meaningful to me. It is where I live and want to spend my money. It is where I want to procure the nutrition for my family to keep us healthy and happy. I know the commitment to be a good board member and am willing and able to commit. I have taken a graduate level class on nonprofit boards and have the knowledge and knowhow to get the job done. I am super organized, have a great sense of humor and willing to do my best to make this board great.

Colleen’s top cooperative interests:
1. Neighborhood community involvement and betterment
2. Healthy food access
3. Local food and products


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