Why a Member Loan Works for Me


Interested in KCFC's Member Loan Campaign? Hear from some of your neighbors about why they are committing to invest in the Co-op and how they decided that a member loan was right for them.  



"I am so happy that I was able to make a member loan to KCFC.  After hearing about the opportunity, I looked at my savings and realized I had some money that had been sitting, barely gaining interest in an account, for years.  What good was it doing there?  It was helping the bank out, for sure.  But who do I want to lend my money to-- a bank, or my co-op?  

It is kind of thrilling to know exactly what my money is doing.  It is building something that will be benefiting generations of Philadelphians.  It is putting all the hearty, healthy grocery staples I now run around the city to collect within a few blocks of my home.  And it is making this all happen, now!

Once I made the decision to do it, the process of completing the paperwork was easy and actually kind of fun.  I just can't wait to fill up my first shopping basket.  Thirty years from now when we are all celebrating KCFC's anniversary, I hope I'll be there with my vintage KCFC tote bag, helping sign up member #16,287."

-Emily Van Yuga, Fishtown


The decision to make a member loan was a no-brainer for me: I want to see the co-op become reality sooner rather than later. I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to the cause; makes me feel even more involved with something I strongly believe in.

- Ruth Brown, Northern Liberties


“I joined KCFC because I love the idea of investing my money into a local business that will put food choice into the people's hands and will provide good jobs to my neighbors. I also consider KCFC a community resource bringing neighbors together to connect and converse about important issues happening on their blocks and in their families. I also believe we will be a connector amongst  other food access organizations and there are many exciting opportunities in KCFC's future and I want to be a part of those connections and networks to make this city an even better place to live. KCFC connects neighbors and collaborates with other neighborhood entities, and we will bring healthy food options into our neighbors' homes and schools.”

-Holly Logan, Olde Richmond


“My wife Clare and I committed to a loan to KCFC because we believe in the Co-op and are excited by the high-quality, healthy food and community benefit KCFC will bring to our neighborhood.  We are proud of the progress KCFC has made and feel very confident in making this loan. We had a long discussion and looked through our financial situation and felt that a loan to the Co-op was beneficial to both our community and our finances. It is empowering to invest our money in a entity we are able to watch grow on a daily basis instead of letting it just sit in a random savings account.  At this stage in the Co-op’s development, we believe it is critical that all members who can make a loan consider making this investment as well. Our other financial investments are just numbers on a page,but with an investment in KCFC we can watch our money and our community grow together before our eyes. “

-Clare and Tim Dych, East Kensington


 “It’s been six years since I became a KCFC member-owner, so I’ve had plenty of time to consider this member-loan opportunity, even before the Board announced the campaign. For me and my wife, it’s definitely still the right move for a bunch of reasons. It’s time to put together this member-owned grocery store so many of us have worked for and dreamed about. We know the community deserves it, and we know the last big leg of the journey—getting the 2670 Coral St. space to ‘Grand Opening’—requires ‘skin in the game,’ that key member support that will ultimately seal the deal for the banks and other major lenders.”

-Brian Baughan, Olde Richmond


 “Our initial investment in KCFC was $200 when we first became members; we're now contributing our next investment with a member loan. While the decision to contribute a member loan was not easy, it's clear to us that the community needs a food co-op and will support it for years to come. We believe it will be a successful business, as well as an important community organization. This is the first chance we've had to invest money in a business that so many of our neighbors have poured thousands of hours of their time into. We hope KCFC's success will lead to more opportunities.  

We've chosen to raise a family here knowing that a community-owned grocery store will soon provide us with access to the food we want to raise our son on.  We encourage you to join us in committing a member loan to KCFC, and make this community a better place for us all to live. “

-Peter Frank and Emily Glover, East Kensington


 “While I really look forward to having a close place to shop for high quality, healthy food, the aspect of the Co-op that I’m most looking forward to is the sense of community it will bring to the neighborhood. I love the idea of walking into the Co-op and seeing the faces of all my neighbors. I love the idea of grabbing a coffee and hanging out in the cafe, which will be a beautiful place where folks can meet and work. I really look forward to bringing my daughter to the Co-op and telling her this incredible story of how a small group of like-minded folks got together and built this business from the ground up in their ‘free time’! What an awesome project to be a part of. I’m continually humbled by the time and effort my ‘colleagues’ put into it every day. So that’s why I’m investing. Not just because I know the store will be a success but because of the sense of community KCFC continually brings to our neighborhood and for all my friends and neighbors who have contributed in some way to making this store a reality.”

-Colleen Watts, Fishtown


If you are interested in more info on how to join this list of your neighbors who have stepped up to make KCFC a reality please contact us at info@kcfc.coop
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