New Fundraising Coordinator: Amaryllis Rivera

We have recently hired Amaryllis Rivera for the position of KCFC fundraising coordinator. As she prepares to settle in and get to know our organization, we figured this was a good opportunity to introduce her.


Amaryllis has earned her stripes as a professional fundraiser. She is currently the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at the Ambramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, a position through which she has crafted fundraising strategy, cultivated donors, and communicated with several thousand constituents through print and online materials. Prior to this current position, she worked as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society. On top of all that, she is fluent in Spanish!

Amaryllis is a big supporter of our city’s food entrepreneurs, which includes serving as the Event Planner for the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association and is a Founder and Event Planner for BigBite Philly Productions. (If you have enjoyed any of the recent Food Truck Pop-up events throughout the city, you can thank Amaryllis as their planner.) 

A native of the city, Amaryllis grew up in North Philly in the Wyoming area and lived in South Philly for a few years as well. Naturally, because she’s a food lover, she loves dining at the neighborhood’s restaurants, as well as frequenting the new and old businesses that she says make the community unique.

Glad you’ve joined our team, Amaryllis!

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