New Member Goes Out on the Town- KCFC Style!

New Member-Owner Laura Harris moved to Fishtown, joined KCFC, and used her new Shop Local Discounts to explore the neighborhood! What an entrance! 

In September, my husband and I moved to Philadelphia, to Fishtown, adopted a dog, and joined KCFC- in that order! Trigo, our new golden retriever, needed a glorious grooming, so we took him to Spot’s Spot. We walked out of Spot’s Spot with much more than that! Philip, their “top dog”, mentioned that he was a member of KCFC, which is actively trying to recruit membership and open the store. Once I visited the KCFC website, I knew that this project was incredibly important for our community, so we joined.


One of the major benefits of being a KCFC member is the Shop Local Program, which connects local businesses with the KCFC mission: KCFC Member-owners get discounts and perks at 60 local businesses! As a new resident of the neighborhood, I realized getting a discount at so many shops was the perfect reason to explore! So that's just what I did:




On a cool, grey Monday night, my husband and I took ourselves to Cook and Shaker for some beers (from their ample selection) and some apps: C&S signature tots, fried Brussels sprouts doused in buffalo sauce, and broccoli rabe with white beans. We ate every last bite of all three dishes, which came to a total of $25—with the 10% discount we saved $2.50! (The discount doesn't apply to beer.) We’ll definitely be back, as there plenty of brew and food items I'm excited to try!


Next up, our sweet new pup needed a mani/pedi and a blowout. Just kidding, sort of. Spot’s Spot certainly is a “pet salon”. Trigo went in for a same-day wash, trim and nail cutting. He was so pampered he wasn't ready to leave when his time was up! Trigo came home smelling like fall (what is that fantastic shampoo?!) donning an adorable Halloween bandana. With the Shop Local 10% discount, I saved $6.


The 10% discount at Philadelphia Brewing Co. is the Shop Local benefit that I can see myself using the most frequently. I stopped by on a Tuesday (and rang the bell at the giant door) to pick up a 12-pack. PBC lets you mix and match your selections, so I purchased some Newbold IPA, Joe Coffee Porter, Kenz O’Lantern Pumpkin Ale, and a few others. A 12-pack is priced at $16, so I received a $1.60 Shop Local discount.




A dear friend's birthday was recently, and so I wanted to get her something lovely from my new favorite neighborhood! I had been to Keys to the Attic for apartment trinkets, but this time I purchased an Americana candle (fantastic scents housed in mason jars covered in coffee grounds) at 15% off with my KCFC discount! After that purchase, I continued my walk and headed to Craft Foundry, where I met Minna and her adorable golden retriever Sophie. I purchased a unique handmade card and “tree hugger” scented soap by Volta Organics. Everything in the shop is 10% off for KCFC Member-owners, and Mina makes most of the jewelry in her store, binds the books for sale, and hosts crafting classes!





Exploring the Shop Local Partners is a way to discover great new places while saving money at businesses that I'd otherwise frequent anyway! What a wonderful beginning to our new life in Fishtown! I am excited for more local businesses to join the SLP network, and even more excited for the store to open! I'm telling all my friends to join, so we can open our store ASAP!

See You in the 'Hood,

Trigo Harris (yep, this dog writes blog posts in the third person!)

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