Planning Saves Money

Putting the Planning Process into Perspective

The Board of Directors thoroughly reviewing project details.

We're all eager to get started with construction. But it's important that we all understand why construction planning takes so long... it saves you money.

Every choice now has consequences down the line in construction and when our store is operational. In fact things that seem like small design choices can have drastic consequences for day-to-day operations and managing costs.

For instance, equipment. We've made fairly significant changes to adopt equipment that are more energy efficient. Saving energy will help KCFC cut operating costs over time, saving owners money.

As representatives of the 825+ member-owners backing KCFC, we take every decision involving spending owners' investment very seriously.

By taking conservative approach to planning now, KCFC leadership is minimizing the risk of encountering unforeseen issues when paid crews are at work... which can cause major losses in work time and create budget overruns. And addressing problems after the fact can be more challenging to fix than if it were just addressed properly (or avoided) the first time.

Questions about the process? Email our GM Mike Richards today!

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