Shop Local Focus: Cook and Shaker

We are pleased to share our interview with shop local partner owner Laura Viegas of Cook and Shaker, located at the corner of Tulip and Albert Streets.


What is your shop all about? What do you offer; what's your favorite thing that you do?

We are a bar/restaurant that seeks to source all of our products as locally as possible: we buy pierogies in Port Richmond; we have a dedicated Philadelphia Brewing Company draft line; we buy produce through Farm Art. We developed a menu that can cater to anyone: we have options for vegetarians, gluten-free, and your meat-and-potatoes eater.



Why did you open your shop where you did? How did your shop come about?

We spent about two years looking at different neighborhoods and different commercial spots and we decided we wanted to be a part of this up-and-coming neighborhood. We like the strong sense of community here.



What is your hope for this area? What changes have you seen in the neighborhood that get you excited?

We hope to see the revitalization in this neighborhood continue, without losing the old neighborhood feel that made it what it is today.




Why did you become a Shop Local Partner? Why do you think the Co-op is important?

We are very supportive of the community, and promoting it's sustainability. The co-op is a great avenue to buy fresh foods.



What's the product/item you most hope to see at the KCFC when we open the doors?

Local produce! Summer grow season stretches so much more then a few months now and there are so many great farms in the area producing really quality fruits and veges.


We are very excited to be part of the KCFC community and look forward to meeting more member-owners. See you soon!

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