SHOP LOCAL FOCUS: Fireball Printing

The next Shop Local Focus is on Fireball Printing. What started as a copy machine in a living room grew to a reputable printing business with offices in both Philadelphia and New York. Fireball is owned by Catherine Dentino and Paul Yavarone, Jr., and is known for its responsive service, quick turnaround times and high quality work. Catherine and Paul serve all your printing needs - booklets, business cards, CD’s, DVD’s, door hangers. You need it, they got it. Their latest project is a set of “Portable Fortitude” playing cards by artist Corina Dross, which can be used for either Texas Hold ‘Em or Tarot reading. In this interview you’ll get to find out a little more about Fireball Printing, its services and its relationship with the Kensington Community Food Co-op as a Shop Local Partner.

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1. What is your shop all about? What do you offer and what's your favorite aspect of your job?


Fireball Printing prints things on paper and paper-like substances. Various things, postcards, business cards, posters, folding things, things with holes, things with rounded corners, things that are signs, things that are books, all good things, all things that are printed. We specialize in quick turnaround full color printing, which is basically a thing where a customer says “I need this tomorrow” and we say “okay.” My favorite aspect of the job is the great people I get to work with. Part of what we’re about is basically not being jerks to our customers and trying to make the whole weird “getting something printed” thing as painless as possible. It’s basically 100% possible because of how great our staff is.


2. Why did you open your store in its current neighborhood? What led to the creation of your business?


I lived in the area with some friends for a while, loved it, and started a business here. It’s a great place to be if you want to bumble yourself into success.


3. What is your hope for this area? What changes have you seen in the neighborhood that get you excited?


Catherine and I own a house over on Dauphin and we love the neighborhood. All the new stuff opening up is really exciting to see. I think it’s a really positive thing. I would love it if the momentum keeps up. I can walk over to Pizza Brain and Little Babies whenever I want. Who could ask for more than that?!


4. Why did you become a Shop Local Partner? Why do you think the Co-op is important?


Fireball Printing became a Shop Local Partner because Catherine and I really love the idea of the Co-op and thought it was a great and easy way to support it. The Co-op is a HUGE positive step for the neighborhood. A physical location would really give all the energy here a great core to orbit around.


5. What is the product/item you most hope to see at the KCFC when we open the doors?


I’m a sucker for a good bakery. A fresh loaf of bread? A warm muffin on a Sunday morning? Maybe this really is a perfect place to live!

Learn more on the Fireball Printing website.


Address: 3237 Amber St. Box 3 Floor 5

Phone: 215-501-7155

Hours: 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday

KCFC Member Discount: 10% off all standard digital products excluding booklets (cannot be used on already discounted items)


Interview and article by Steven Sparber of Up next in our Shop Local Focus series is Fireball Printing, interviewed by Steven Sparber from Fishtown Spotlights

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