Shop Local Showcase: Indigo Arts Gallery

Travel the world at the Crane Arts Building with our Shop Local Partner, Indigo Arts Gallery.

It is unlikely that you will trip over Indigo Arts in the course of your average day.  If, however, you make the effort to find this hidden gem you will be richly rewarded.  Tucked in the first floor of the Crane Arts Building, director Tony Fisher stocks an eye-popping assortment of paintings and crafts from “everywhere except the U.S. and Europe.”

Haiti is represented by a large assortment of sequined Vodoun flags, creatures fashioned from steel drums, and papier mache carnival masks.  There are African paintings and textiles, Indian prints, Peruvian retablos, Ghanaian barbers’ signs and much more to explore. There are also lots of cards and books featuring ethnic art and artists from many lands.  

Indigo Arts has been around for a long time and has relocated several times before landing at Crane Arts. These days though much of its business is conducted over the web, Tony appreciates in-person customers and will happily entertain you with stories about his pieces and the people who made them.  He negotiates directly with many of the artists and craftspeople represented in the store, cutting out layers of middlemen and truly engaging in fair trade. He also deals in objects which are not mass produced and which are unique to the gallery.  

Tony is a big believer in the co-op philosophy. He and his wife are longtime residents of Mount Airy, are working members of Weavers Way and enjoy working on the co-op’s farm. While the Fisher family will continue their membership at Weavers Way, Tony is very happy that there is a co-op planned for this part of town, and is an enthusiastic KCFC Shop Local partner. He’s offering KCFC members 10% off merchandise, excluding consignments and sale items.

Indigo Arts

Crane Arts Building, #104

1400 N. American Street,

Wednesday-Sunday, noon-6pm






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