Shop Local Focus: The Head & The Hand Press

Community is at the heart of KCFC and it is through community that we have found strong supporters in organizations like The Head & The Hand Press.  Headed by KCFC member Nic Esposito, The Head & The Hand has been an avid supporter of KCFC and the Kensington economy, which makes this offering so much more exciting!

The Head & The Hand Press has a unique and ground breaking program – Community Supported Publishing (CSP). Following the model of the CSA we are all familiar with, The Head & The Hand is offering bi-annual shares of their published creative works. What a great way to combine a love for reading and a passion for supporting the local economy and community! The Head & The Hand Press will be offering KCFC members 10% off.  Use coupon code KCFC for the discount. Check out how the CSP works and how you can sign up here .

Nic Esposito embraces community supported endeavors and recently gave a TED X Talk on the importance of community, to make an impact and to create change. Check out "It Takes a Community," a Tedx Talk he delivered recently.

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