Store Opening Checklist Complete!

Follow what's happening at KCFC leading up to store opening.

We have great news – we received our Certificate of Occupancy and PLCB certification! We’ve jumped through all the hoops required to open the Co-op’s doors, and we couldn’t be more excited. While we did get all these boxes checked off, we didn’t receive our final certification until yesterday afternoon. After going through so many obstacles, we’d hate to open the store and not do it right. Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough time to buy products, stock the shelves, and train the staff before next Wednesday. For this reason, we will be pushing our opening date back by one week to Wednesday, April 24.

We appreciate your continued support throughout this process. Over the next week we will be placing our orders, stocking our shelves, and preparing for our opening day. We look forward to seeing you in the Co-op on the 24th!

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