That Fresh Produce Smell and Other Marketplace Delights

A feast to be sure! We were overjoyed on Tuesday to open a box of carrots that actually smelled like carrots (as opposed to the supermarket carrots' sterile lack of smell). 

We had quite the apple-fest with some crisp apples, apple butter, and apple cider. The butterhead lettuce made another appearance, though it went fast. 


The most important development of the evening was that THREE Marketplace shoppers became KCFC members! Meet Kate:


and Molly:


Both of these awesome new members were really excited to be joining, and we are so happy that we could celebrate their joining our family at the Marketplace, where our mission of community and healthy, quality food thrives twice a month!

There was also the talented Dana, who you might remember from a Flying Kite Media article she wrote about KCFC last October. She not only joined; she also talked about helping with our Marketing Committee.


We are so excited for these new folks to come on board. At the March 8th Membership Meeting, please make a point to say "Hi" and answer any questions they might have.

Next Marketplace is March 11th. Same time, same place: that's 6-8 pm, Circle of Hope (upstairs at 2009 Frankford Ave.).




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