A Marketplace Recap and Other Good News

As the next KCFC Marketplace approaches (this coming Tuesday--2/11), we wanted to share one of many highlights from our last Marketplace, which was a visit from our lovely friends and mentors at Weavers Way Co-op.


Weavers Way Board President Margaret Lenzi and General Manager Glenn Bergman came by to chat with board directors, other co-op members, and non-member shoppers and to see how our tireless volunteers run the twice-monthly grocery operation at Circle of Hope. 

We asked Margaret to share her thoughts as a first-time Marketplace shopper. "Wow! I was just blown away by the community feeling of the Marketplace," she said. "And I was surprised to learn that much of the food product comes from Weavers Way--great synergy. There is something very special happening in Kensington, and the Marketplace continues to keep the flame lit until KCFC opens its store."


More Good News

We recently learned that we received a generous $2,000 grant from the Arch Street Meeting House. We've received grant funding in the past, but this is the first dedicated to supporting member recruitment. As we've noted before, increasing the number of our member-owners is a huge requirement to opening our store sooner than later, so this kind of financial support is critical. A big thanks to Membership Committee member Katherine Oniskey for her work soliciting the grant.

And to keep us on track with member recruitment, we're pleased to announce we've hired Genevieve Geer as our new Membership Recruitment Coordinator! The Hiring Committee did a great job of selecting from many solid candidates. A proper introduction to Genevieve is still to come on this blog, but we were eager to share the early news about this addition to our team. 

Membership Meeting

Did you know we've scheduled the first General Membership Meeting in 2014? Set your calendars for Saturday, March 8, 12 pm. We'll be sharing vital information about KCFC and the latest on our progress toward opening a member-owned grocery store. The meeting, as always, is open to the public. 

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