What We're Thankful For.

The Co-op is ultra thankful for lots of people, places and things this week. Including Marketplace, a KCFC calendar giveaway and all 723 of you.



We're thankful for Tuesday because....

Tuesday, November 24 6-8pm
KCFC Marketplace
Circle of Hope, 2009 Frankford Ave

It's Marketplace! It's the last one! And we hope to see you there filling up your reusable shopping bags with fresh, local Jonagold apples, curly kale, butternut squash, leeks, potatoes, apple cider and more! The next Marketplace will be Tuesday, January 26, 2016, so mark your...hey...hold it...

...because we'll be giving away 2016 KCFC Calendars designed by our Marketing Committee and generously printed for free by our Shop Local partner Fireball Printing at Tuesday's Marketplace. It's just a small THANK YOU for being patrons of Marketplace, which helps KCFC get our community-owned grocery store open all the faster.  

Wow. And thank you to the Philly Tree People who planted ten trees at the KCFC site last week. They've planted over 1,000 trees, creating greener pastures in our neighborhood. 

And for that we're thankful for our friends and neighbors who donate their time and supplies to support KCFC. 

We're also thankful that. . . {drumroll!} we've hired an architect! 

The board has approved the hire of MAKE LLC, a full-service architecture firm based in Northern Liberties and headed by KCFC member David Quadrini. MAKE's work strives to make the communities in which projects are sited better places to call home. Through their programs, sensitivity to context, and inventive spirit, their buildings offer their users and neighbors extraordinary experiences in their daily lives. MAKE also designed Weavers Way Co-op's Chestnut Hill store, so we know we are in good hands. 

And we are thankful for Cully. . .

If you haven't met Cully Ward, you will soon. She is our Interim Membership Recruitment Coordinator through January, past board member, many-a-committee member, and all-around KCFC mover and shaker. Don't be surprised if you get a call, email or text from Cully asking for some volunteer help. She knows how talented our membership is and she plans on making sure we're putting that talent to good use. Interested in joining or volunteering? Let her know that on Tuesday at Marketplace—she'll be cheesemongering—or email her at mrc@kcfc.coop

And we're thankful for. . .The bright, shiny future of the Co-op! 

What's Up in 2016...and beyond...

Be on the lookout for invites to KCFC Open House Parties at the KCFC site, board-hosted coffee klatch Q &As, All Hands volunteer meetings, and other fun co-op events. We want you to join us if you're a member, bring a friend who's thinking about joining, or come let us convince you that now is the time to sign up! Food and beverages will (usually) be provided. For more info, to volunteer or just chit chat about co-ops, contact Cully, mrc@kcfc.coop.

KCFC is very thankful 723 times—for each one of our members! THANK YOU for your support. Your co-op is coming SOON!

Speaking of which...are YOU a KCFC member-owner yet? Well you should be! Find out why and join here!


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