Why are we changing the logo?

Our answers to some of your burning questions

On Monday, April 3 we announced that member-owners would have a special opportunity to vote for a new KCFC logo. In the time since, we have received some questions that we’d like to take a moment to answer. 

Q: What’s wrong with the current logo? I like it!
A: We like our current logo, too! But it’s not just about what we like… logos must do a job. Unfortunately, this logo has never been the easiest to use. Our designers and marketers frequently encounter all kinds of issues due to the shape, text layout, and interwoven cityscape horizon, in both digital and printed materials. Following more modern design standards allows our new logo to be cleaner, simpler, more readable, more versatile, and ultimately more effective as a communication device.

Q: Why is the logo being changed now?
A: It is common for many grassroots and startup organizations to update branding in the lead up to major expansion or change. For KCFC, that time is now as we prepare to break ground and begin construction for our Coral Street storefront.

From a cost standpoint, having our logo changed ahead of construction ensures we do not waste money recreating things in-store down the road like signage, promotional goods, uniforms, etc. Planning for the change now helps us make sure everything is done right the first time. And that affects our bottom line.

From a marketing standpoint, how we communicate and form associations is important. Changing now helps our marketing be more effective in our promotional channels—making our advertising more readable, punchy, flexible to modern (digital) advertising requirements—at a time when we’ll be making more significant marketing investment to promote the store.

Q: Isn’t there something more important that you should be doing right now?
A: Trust us, the KCFC Board of Directors is hard at work on a lot of things that are all laying the foundation for store opening. Updating our logo is just one of many things going on right now. Having a Board of Directors and a Marketing & Membership Committee allows us to keep projects focused and lean so that we can all do more.

Q: Who designed these logos?
A: The three logos you’re voting on were designed by Mo Manklang. Mo is an active KCFC member-owner and professional graphic designer. She also designed the Kensington Gardens logo used for our beer garden last summer.

Q: When will we know what logo won?
A: We’re announcing the winner at the next KCFC Community Meeting on Saturday, May 6th. More details to come!

We hope that clears a few things up.

Happy voting!

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