Communal Kitchen: Yogurt Fruit Dip Recipe

Introducing our very first Marketplace inspired Recipe Blog, featuring Kate Abraham!

While we're enjoying this break in excessive heat, a few weeks ago it was too hot to be cooking, so in preparation for boycotting the stove and oven again, here is a simple recipe for a nice serving of chilled fruit with a lightly sweetened yogurt dip.


For people who are sugar conscious or love the tartness of plain yogurt this can be sweetened exactly to your liking. It also serves as a great way to use up that container of plain yogurt you may have accidentally purchased when you thought you grabbed the vanilla.


Fresh Fruit - Any and all fruit works here. All my ingredients, minus the strawberries, were purchased at the KCFC Market Place Tuesday evening.

1 Cup Plain Yogurt - I used Pequea Valley Farm’s, but Plain Greek Yogurt works great too!

2 Tbsp Honey or real Maple Syrup (I used maple syrup)  



Simply mix your yogurt with your honey or maple syrup, and you have a delicious topping for your fruit, granola pancakes or waffles.















One of my absolute favorite simple meals is a toaster waffles, with a huge helping of plain Greek yogurt, topped with blueberries, hazelnuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup. The Greek yogurt is so thick and fluffy, it makes me feel like I’m eating a giant serving of whipped cream! YUMM!











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